Book A free brake check

With over 70 years’ experience in Christchurch, Safe R Brakes have developed a comprehensive brake check.  This is available free of charge and will provide you with good information about your vehicle’s braking systems.  It also provides information for us to provide a detailed quote on what work may be required and parts that may need replacing.

There are three parts to our Free Brake Check.

  1. Test brake performance. Our sophisticated Rolling Road brake tester measures the braking performance of each individual wheel and the parking brake.
  2. We carry out a visual inspection of brake fluid levels, brake pipes and hoses looking for damage or leaks.
  3. We put the vehicle on the hoist and take the wheels off to inspect the condition of pads, rotors, shoes, drums. Brake components are designed to wear and must be replaced if they are worn below their minimum specifications. To measure these components the wheels have to be removed.

Call 0800 SAFE R B or complete the form. 

Checks take about 30 – 40 mins.