ABS Brakes Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) Diagnostics and Repairs


ABS is an essential part of the safety system of your vehicle.  It uses complex electronic/hydraulic control systems to safely avoid wheel lockups. These systems although reliable, are complex and can be delicate, using modern computers to continually receive data and respond very quickly when required.  They also monitor their own performance and will notify you, via the ABS light on the dash, if there is a problem. If the ABS light comes on, or you suspect and issue with the ABS, contact Safe R Brakes or your local service provider immediately.

ABS units need no special maintenance but making sure that your brake fluid is fresh and in good condition is important.  Safe R Brakes can help with checking your brake fluid and changing it if required.

ABS Brakes
ABS Brakes

Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

The electronic control unit (ECU) receives signals from the braking system and a number of other sensors in the vehicle.  It processes these continuously, evaluating if there is a likelihood of any wheels locking up. If it does detect that a wheel is about to lock up it sends signals to the hydraulic modulator to momentarily reduce the brake pressure to avert that happening.  This all happens very quickly – many times a second. The electronic control unit is also monitoring itself and the other sensors in the vehicle to notify you if it detects any issues.

The electronic control system is a complex piece of circuitry and although generally very reliable it is operating in a harsh environment for long periods and can fail.

Safe R Brakes can diagnose and repair ABS ECU’s by repairing circuit boards or individual components. We can also exchange your ECU with refurbished units from our large inventory.

ABS Brakes

Hydraulic Modulator

To avoid wheel lockups, the pressure at each individual brake is controlled via valves in the hydraulic modulator.  These valves can cycle many times per second. Over the years these units have come in many shapes and sizes and Safe R Brakes have knowledge and experience servicing the vast majority of them.

Safe R Brakes has special equipment for testing blocks for pressure, working solenoids, and remedying the issues with cleaned parts and fresh seals.

ABS Brakes

Hydro-boost Assemblies

Hydro-boost brake assemblies merge your brake master cylinder and ABS into one self-contained unit, removing the need for a traditional brake booster. With many moving parts these devices are even more complex than standard ABS.

 The Safe R Brakes team is qualified to service these complex assemblies. Besides general rebuilds, we can also service individual parts such as accumulators.

Pump & Motor Assemblies

An electric motor drives a pump inside the ABS unit that applies pressure to the brakes as required during ABS operation.  This gives that classic ABS pedal pulse. These motors and pumps can fail, causing the ABS to fail.

Safe R Brakes specializes in rebuilding ABS motors and cleaning pump assemblies to keep your system operating smoothly.

ABS Brakes