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Brakes Car & light truck brake repairs for pads, drums, rotors, hydraulics, cables & hoses

Brake Pads

2 Hour Brake Pad Replacement

Safe R Brakes has a range of brake pads available to suit most vehicles including SUV’s and 4WD.  We supply parts for modern vehicles and many older vehicles.  There are many different varieties of brake pads that will have an affect on your brakes performance.  Safe R Brakes has a variety of brands and each covers a range of construction of materials and is targeted at different driving styles.  Our Safe R Brakes staff can help you decide which brake pads will suit your vehicle and driving style best!


Powder Coated Calipers

Two calipers—$270 incl GST * Four calipers—$370 incl GST *

Four standard colour options, other colours available

Brake Rotors

Fast rotor machining or replacement

Warped or worn rotors can usually be machined to make them like new again however there is a minimum thickness for rotors.  We will measure your rotors and advise accordingly, if your rotor is no longer serviceable, or if a replacement is the cheaper option,  we will supply and fit new rotors.


We Offer Free Brake Tests, No Booking Required!


Brake Hydraulics

Hydraulics are the operating force behind your brakes.  Key components are the master cylinder (actuated by the brake pedal) and the wheel cylinders (that actually move the brake pads).  They are connected by rigid pipes and flexible hoses containing the hydraulic brake fluid.  A booster is used to increase the braking force.

Hydraulic components must be in top condition for reliable and effective braking however they do deteriorate over time.  Safe R Brakes fully reconditions hydraulic master cylinders, wheel cylinders, calipers and boosters.  We can also supply new replacements.

Brake Pipes and Hoses

Brake pipes and hoses containing hydraulic fluid connect the pedal actuated master cylinder to the wheel cylinders.  Rigid pipes are typically made of steel and will eventually rust.  They can also be damaged if hit by an object or in an accident.  Flexible hoses connect the rigid brake pipe to the wheel cylinders.  They absorb the movement of the wheel.  The rubber hose also deteriorates over time.

Safe R Brakes makes replacement brake pipes and brake hoses.  We stock a large range of end fittings.


Brake Cables

Wire cables are commonly used in vehicles, motor cycles and a wide range of other equipment.  Cables are often in “dirty” environments and they get sticky and chaffed and even break.  Safe R Brakes can repair or rebuild a range of cables including handbrake cables, throttle cables, motor cycle cables etc.  We stock a wide variety of cable sizes and materials and an extensive range of end fittings.  Bring in your old cable or send a drawing detailing what is required.

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