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Car Tyres New Tyres in 1 Hour | Puncture Repairs in 20 mins

Car Tyres
Car Tyres
Car Tyres
Car Tyres

1 Hour Service For All Tyres*

+ free brake check included with each set of new tyres

Tyres are the only part of your car that remains in constant contact with the road. They play a key role in the stability, braking, handling, safety, fuel economy of your vehicle.  Ensuring that they are in the best possible condition is a major part of ensuring your vehicle is safe so you should look out for signs of wear or damage on a regular basis.

The minimum tread depth is usually recommended as 3mm.  Tread depth gauges are available!

Tyre Puncture Repairs – $30

Our car tyre puncture repair service is completed in 20 mins and costs $30, or FREE if the tyres were purchased in store. 

We also repair tyre punctures on 4X4, Van & light truck puncture repairs which range from $30 – $55. 

Please give us a call or make a booking online.

Quality Tyres for Sedans, Hatchbacks & 4WD at the Best Prices

We stock a comprehensive range of new tyres from among the world’s leading manufacturers.  Our staff are trained to understand the range of tyres available and to discuss the options with you to find the best tyre to meet your requirements.

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